Chants, screams, stomps and camera flashes filled Hofstra USA. Balloons filled the air and glitter covered the floor. With girls jumping up and down, wildly dancing and posing for countless pictures you would think Ke$ha was about to walk through the doors. However this is just a typical Bid Day for the sororities at Hofstra University.

Every semester Hofstra University ‘s Pan-Hellenic council celebrates the success of recruitment by welcoming its new members at Bid Day. This is a very exciting day for new members. Bid day is where they take their first steps in their new member process. Each campus has its own traditions, but typically all sororities come together to welcome its newest members and celebrate the growth of the Greek community.

Mary Beth Tully an advisor for Alpha Phi said, “Each year it gets bigger and bigger, the girls go all out to give their new members an amazing celebration. “

The Pan-Hellenic Association governs the body of eight National Pan-Hellenic Conference sororities by fostering interfraternal relationships while maintaining the highest scholastic and socials standards. Each individual organization is dedicated to personal growth and development. Organizations pride themselves on academic achievement, leadership, and service to the campus and also the community.

This year I was lucky enough to be on the other side as a recruitment counselor.  Being a recruitment counselor means you are disaffiliated from your organization to provide unbiased guidance for potential new members through the recruitment process.  Each potential member must go through a series of rounds to decide on which of the Pan-Hellenic sororities best suits them.

“Recruitment is nerve-racking. Everyone always says you’ll know which sorority you want when you get that “feeling”. I never had that feeling until I went to Alpha Phi’s final round. The girls were chanting and singing in a circle as a slide show played. I had the chills and knew they were the sorority for me.” Said Eden Strassburg, a new member from this year’s spring recruitment.

As a senior, I have witnessed 6 semesters of recruitment and have attended 6 bid days but this year’s event topped the others. Maybe it was because this was my final Bid Day or because I made such a strong connection with the new members. Regardless, the overall feeling was bittersweet.

The event ran smoothly as each organization brought in the girls as their names were announced.  Once they were announced each sorority gathered by giant decorated wooden letters where they posed and pictures.  Tova Kline remembers the doors of Hofstra USA being opened.

“The second we walked through the doors and were greeted and hugged, I knew I had made the best decision by going Greek.”

panoramic views of Hofstra USA as the organizations get ready to congratulate their new members

panoramic views of Hofstra USA as the organizations get ready to congratulate their new members

Alpha Phi welcoming back their Recruitment Counselors

Alpha Phi welcoming back their Recruitment Counselors

New members signing their bids

New members signing their bids

DG posing with their new members

DG posing with their new members

The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha supporting greek life's new members

The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha supporting greek life’s new members

During the 60’s they worked to discard segregation, while our generation is working on ending homophobia

24 year old, first-team All-American, college Football player is standing out to become the NFL’s first openly gay player. Michael Sam has publically come out to his team and fans during a pre-season game. This is a big step for any football player to publically announce and discuss his sexuality and an even bigger step for the NFL.

 “We are a generation of acceptance. During the 60’s they worked to discard segregation, while our generation is working on ending homophobia.” Says Samantha Muller, a Senior at Hofstra University.

Many players are showing Sam respect, encouraging him and showing him love as if he was a family member. Yet, the rude remarks stating “the NFL is a MAN’s sport” and that the NFL is not ready for a gay player makes my skin crawl.

“I don’t think football is ready for [an openly gay player] just yet,” said an NFL player personnel assistant. “In the coming decade or two, it’s going to be acceptable, but at this point in time it’s still a man’s-man game. To call somebody a [gay slur] is still so commonplace. It’d chemically imbalance an NFL locker room and meeting room.”

Sam is projected to be a third or fourth round pick, giving him legitimate chance of being drafted by a team in the NFL. Football is about a TEAM winning games and making fans proud, not a PLAYER. His decision to discuss his sexual orientation should not affect the draft. If we can learn anything from Sam it is that he has and will encouraged young people to be true to themselves and prevent them from living a life in secrecy.

If Sam is drafted, this could ultimately change the world of sports. Julie Mellina, senior at Hofstra University, states “it is truly amazing that he was true to himself and opened up about his sexuality. But it will affect his position in the NFL even though it shouldn’t.”

Many are comparing him to Rosa Parks, or Jackie Robinson saying he is a “difference –maker.” But there are still going to be people, fans, players, and organization that are going to express their views. At this point in time this controversy should not be a big deal. Gay marriage is legal in 14 states, a gay couple can get legally married yet a gay man can’t play a contact sport because of his sexuality?

The NFL teams may or not draft Sam in the upcoming draft. “there will be no respect in the locker room,” or “ he will be a distraction to our team.” Niko Polis, a senior at Penn State University states, “the Missouri Tigers ranked 5th in the nation, and their star player that brought them there, he just happened to be gay.”

Fox 5 news live blog


10:50 – Sports

Kicks lose against Portland Trail Blazers 94-90

Red Socks induct Roger Clemmons into Hall of Fame, although the controversy on steroid use bans him from MBL Hall of Fame.


10:47 – Weather Update

Black ice – dropping below freezing

Winter weather advisory continues through Thursday

Sunday and Wednesday more snow 


10:43 -Local newscasters are annoying

Viewers are annoyed by reporter’s gimmicks, cliché reports, stretching of the truth and made up terms. 


10:32 – Carrie Bradshaw shoe line.

SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) will be featured at Nordstrom and pop up store on the west side.

The brand will sell handbags, shoes and trench coats


10:26 -Job hunt is becoming hard for millennial’s.

It is important to network and attend resume-writing courses

Century fox puts on a networking event to help women make connections in their field.

Experts say many are not landing jobs because they are unprepared; not knowing about the company or industry the position is featured in.


10:23 – Shawn White pulls from Olympic event

He stated the slope style course was not safe, after breaking his wrist

White shares he will try to bring home a gold medal in half pipe competition. 


10:22 Former American idol runner up, Clay Aiken runs for congress

He states Washington is dysfunctional and its time for change.

He plans to run for North Carolina 2nd district republican 


10:16 – Facebook is more popular then the bible

705million active users 


10:13 – Dining with strangers.

New Yorkers are entering homes of strangers of a night of fine dining

The website, Eatwith.com gives a host the opportunity to cook for strangers.

Annabelle, a professional cook, joined the food trend to meet new people and share her recipes.

500 host in 31 countries EatWith



10:10 – Jericho Turnpike is the most dangerous highway for pedestrians

16 people have been killed since 2010. Hempstead Turnpike held the spot for the past 5 years.


10:06 – CVS bands selling cigarettes and tobacco products

Oct. 1 the companies 7,600 stores plan to eliminate all tobacco products

Although they are loosing over 2 billion the company is stopping because of a health standpoint – gives the company full healthcare facility deals with hospitals and health insurers


10:05 – Weather

Today many on the Tri-state experienced a mix of Snow ice and rain – 12 inches in some areas

40.3 inches have accumulated so far in 2014. Last year 26.1 inches

Tri-state is still in a Winter Weather Advisory 


10:02 – Brutal winter is creating a shortage on salts.

Manhattan and Long Island are dangerously low on salt but they are working on angles to get more sand and salt to yards.

Mayor Cuomo states the city is well equipped for the upcoming snowstorms


10:01  – Olympic Games.

Terrorists are smuggling explosives in toothpaste tubes while flying to Russian Olympic games.

51 billion has been spent on infrastructure. However many are complaining about unfinished buildings and dirty water.

Russian resident made a statement saying him and his country are counting on team